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August 17th, 2014…

Mmm, yeah! Someone call for the better version of War Pigs?


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United States
My name is Frank. I'm 23 and I live in New York.

Sup? :3

I'm a starving artist who chases storms and studies them. I've known about DeviantArt since my 6th grade [2001] when a couple other friends would draw and submit. So here I am! I hope you enjoy my content. I sacrifice much of my time on my work- don't be overwhelmed by all that there is to see and read. :iconbadassplz:

The illustration of the things, shapes, and beings I encounter during sleep via photoshop is called "digital scrying". My work gives my viewers a chance to look inside of my clinical depression, lucid dreams and my brain's imagery to sample a taste of what tortures my mind, how I view the world and how my creations reflect my mental health. Medication I enjoy taking from time to time plays a huge role in my digital art as well; I want to stress that not only is my REM sleep project composed of lucid dreams, but also states of mind on valium, klonopin, adderall, xanax, cannabis... the substances that either calm my severely depressed tendencies or motivate me to be creative. Don't get me wrong, i'd be lucky if I can get two alprazolam sticks a month, lol. I'm an abuser of nothing. Sometimes drinking and drawing can lead to interesting places, too.

You can also follow my bullshit restrained 1024x1024 resolution photography if ya want on my insta, :>

Instagram: frankeh

What does art mean to you?

Once your eyes meet the work of an artist, you have entered their realm of imagination and vision. The artist will encapsulate a message, or a presentation that human language should become challenged to unravel and make sense out of. Art unites us; it dissolves the boundaries between us and empowers us, making us a collectivity. It's a universal language and a tool to let people see through your eyes. The artist depicts every ounce of their pain, psychedelic experiences, visions, or personal feelings onto their canvas, leaving the viewer to take in its moment of completion. Art is therapy for those who create and view, also a form of powerful self-expression that should forever be open to interpretation.

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With that being said, welcome to my channel!

Take your shoes off, stay a while. :iconlordfrankeh:
3mg Melatonin, taken at about 2AM on Thursday, July 31st 2014

So there was this black guy immobilized in a wheelchair in my dream... he had 2 aides and this old school friend he loved dear.  The black guy kept telling his aides to help him find Investors and he goes "what do we want boys.. more clients and success, or failure?" And the guys go "success!" with a smile, bringing the man to smile. The black man in the wheelchair [he was scrawny and kind of nerdy] let the 2 guys go to some business meeting of his and suddenly an old school friend of the man entered the room... this all happened in my bedroom by the way.

[After waking up, I realized that this whole conversation took place right where my head was, laying on my couch, but I was viewing it from the entrance of my room.]

The wheelchair guy was talking sweet to her and said "so lets talk about your future.." My dream ended abruptly and a new one picked up where I was at this beautiful exotic cabana like house with hanging plants. It was my friend Kayla's house that I went to school with but much bigger and more beautiful. I remember exploring the rooms and hearing them have a family dinner but I was stuck in their living room where this grand staircase with like 300 steps led only up to Kayla's room and for some reason a poorly drawn pencil model of that grand staircase was on paper in my hands and I had been looking at it.

Next dream.. I go back in my room looking to put a package I'm expecting in real life away and I see the black guy in the wheelchair with the black girl - his old school friend and she's crying.. it turns out he anesthetized her and cut out a piece of her stomach.. he said "Now don't you want to be successful?" or something and began chomping at her intestines she was squealing and crying desperately, yet weakly... I watched in horror as she said YES!!! while he chewed on her organs. Then I think he said "good" and he took her into this garage somehow attached to my apartment to kill and eat her.. same for his 2 aides. I heard them all scream bloody murder, muffeld.. before my dream ended I was looking at my drawer holding this big blue plastic long stick only it was a super long razor that extended like a sword.. it was cool. I remember saying to myself "better not fuck this up" and opened up this menu in front of my face and saved like it was a game, just in case he somehow killed me... before I busted down the door to get to this sick man I woke up.

+++ (Another note: these two dreams had very strange racial themes to them. It had to do with me watching the movie "O brother, where art thou?" before I went to sleep. I'm not racist or anything, lol. But in the movie there was many themes that found their way into my dreams last night. It's actually a pretty great movie!)

Ah yeah and the other dream.. something about the dirty south during the mid 20th century and 2 men who split a 2 family house blocked off on both sides.. the ground was all dry and dusty, as if it were the dust bowl. One side was owned by a white man and the other was a black family with a bloodhound dog.. for some reason this black guy crossed the line of some racist white folk on the other side of the house.  All I remember is watching him slowly walking past the house in their yard to the left and the white man was sitting on the porch yelling "I told you boy! Y'aint never shoulda crossed them white folks line!!" and the dog inside was barking so loud but the boy kept walking straight like a zombie or like some bad bad news was broken to him beforehand.

That's all I remember.

Thoughts, critiques, .. anything?

Have you had any interesting dreams lately? :O Tell me bout em!


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