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Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
My name is Frank. I'm 23 and I live in New York.

Sup? :3

I'm a starving artist who chases storms and studies them. I've known about DeviantArt since my 6th grade [2002] when a couple other friends would draw and submit. So here I am! I hope you enjoy my content. I sacrifice much of my time on my work- don't be overwhelmed by all that there is to see and read. :iconbadassplz:

The illustration of the things, shapes, and beings I encounter during sleep via photoshop is called "digital scrying". My work gives my viewers a chance to look inside of my clinical depression, lucid dreams and my brain's imagery to sample a taste of what tortures my mind, how I view the world and how my creations reflect my mental health. Medication I enjoy taking from time to time plays a huge role in my digital art as well; I want to stress that not only is my REM sleep project composed of lucid dreams, but also states of mind on valium, klonopin, adderall, xanax, cannabis... the substances that either calm my severely depressed tendencies or motivate me to be creative. Don't get me wrong, i'd be lucky if I can get two alprazolam sticks a month, lol. I'm an abuser of nothing. Sometimes drinking and drawing can lead to interesting places, too.

You can also follow my bullshit restrained 1024x1024 resolution photography if ya want on my insta, :>

Instagram: frankeh

What does art mean to you?

The moment your eyes meet the work of an artist, you are inside their realm of imagination and vision. I can't stress to people enough that when art like mine originates from deep within the mind; subconscious and my dream life, it takes the right pair of eyes and amount of understanding to truly extrapolate the meaning out of the symbolic images and emotion-infused entities. The artist encapsulates a message, or a presentation that human language should become challenged to unravel and make sense out of. Art unites us; it dissolves the boundaries between us and empowers us, making us a collectivity. It's a universal language and a tool to let people see through your eyes. The artist depicts every ounce of their pain, psychedelic experiences, visions, or personal feelings onto their canvas, leaving the viewer to take in its moment of completion. Art is therapy for those who create and view, also a form of powerful self-expression that should forever be open to interpretation.

Quick links:

Frankeh's Visual Dream Journal


Frankeh's Digital Art

-NEW- Literature/Miscellanious

With that being said, welcome to my channel!

Take your shoes off, stay a while. :iconlordfrankeh:


Frankeh's June ID (2.0) by LordFrankeh
Frankeh's June ID (2.0)
Another dear day off. Decided to do 1 ID of natural and one of straightened hair  x.o 

Been 9 months of growing. Pretty happy. :> 
I had a quick dream two nights ago. I was in my room with a
tech support guy while my computer was being hacked.

I was trying to get past the operating system loading
screen and this chatbox prompt comes up and she starts
mocking the tech guy. So the tech guy tried to stop
her and fails and starts trying to talk to her. Somehow,
in the dream I knew the person hacking me was some lady.
She was taunting me, popping up strange windows for a while
and causing all these errors. The tech guy typed to her,
"What do you want with this computer anyway? It's so old."
But before the dream stopped, she told me this;

"You need to equip a copper sword and shield in order to get to central park."

and it ends.
The Gerbantlenstantz by LordFrankeh
The Gerbantlenstantz
I became very agitated earlier this evening and busted out my paints to go at it, but my frustrations led me to not adding any more to this one.

Fuckin' depression :l
Frankeh's June ID by LordFrankeh
Frankeh's June ID
Damn right! God damn, I love my days off. How rare they are. <3

This is my natural hair out of the shower. The main reason I was growing it back out c:



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